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Mr. Baer is a Hollywood screenwriter, novelist, spoken word poet, video artist, humorist, entrepreneur and painter. While Executive Director at the Museum of Monterey he saw a need for exhibits that could be easily installed, adapt to a multitude of spaces, and scale to budget limitations. To that end, Dance of the Little Bells - a movie for three screens - is part of an immersive multi-medium exhibit designed to be an overwhelming sensory and participatory experience. The show is about the making, meaning, power, and euphoria of art and the role of the artist in these turbulent times. Baer’s premise - imagination is a survival tool – lack of facility cannot be a deterrent – an artist must create a visual language clear enough to be understood - enticing enough to take an audience through the looking glass with them - and be unflinching, with the insight what is out there may also be in you.   Dance of the Little Bells is the third installment of a trilogy which began with A Day in May – (The Goat Man Cometh) a contemplation on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring followed by Another Faun Afternoon ( Party at Smarty's) inspired by the Ballet Russes’ Afternoon of a Faun.  These shorter works were designed for seven screens - Baer is currently working on Art Smitten - Season 2 (Party like its 2019). 

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